Sometimes it feels like houses are only built for large families with multiple children.

When you don’t have children, it feels like society expects you to be happy with 1 bedroom apartment living for the rest of your days because it’s ‘only you’. People without children tend to shy away from the grand 5 bedroom, 4 lounge room mega houses but they still have many similar wants and needs as their larger family counterparts. Perhaps they’re early retirees with a bit of money from years of hard work or professional couples that still want the bells and whistles but without unnecessary extra rooms. Here are some examples of floor plan attributes that can be difficult to find in houses that are not designed for large families:

  • Spacious, comfortable and attractive living area that can accommodate a large couch or two as you still get visitors or want to sprawl out on a Sunday afternoon to watch the footy.
  • Spacious outdoor entertaining as we live in Brisbane so it’s a must! You also still have guests and spend time outside, regardless of how big your family is.
  • Gourmet kitchens complete with walk in pantry, quality appliances and plenty of storage space.
  • Master bedroom complete with ample space to display lovely belongings and a double sink in the ensuite. How many have partners whose belongings are relegated to a hallway cupboard or guest room?  How many of those partners would appreciate a drawer or two or maybe 12 inches of hanging space in their actual bedroom?  Personally, we have two wardrobes so we don’t have to share but maybe that’s a little selfish.

Yes we’re stereotyping and we know there are exceptions but we believe new houses in Brisbane can favour the larger family. When constructing homes for those that don’t qualify, there seems to be a little neglect in the plans. At Manasons, we’re fans of something in the middle – something that’s comfortable and spacious enough to give you everything you need and want but still cosy and practical so the price doesn’t get crazy and you’re not spending your life cleaning.

For all of you out there whose children don’t run your lives because you don’t have any or they don’t live with you – rest assured, we’re thinking of you!