A while back during one of our open homes, a local agent who’s employed by a reputable agency, spent a considerable amount of time going through our house and offering his feedback. This feedback centred around the idea that we did too much with the property and spent too much money on it.

With a more expensive listing just a few blocks away, he admitted that the finish in our house was considerably better than the property he was selling and ‘advised’ that ‘cheap and cheerful’ was the way to go to maximise profits.

Well, we’re here to proudly say that we DO NOT DO ‘cheap and cheerful’ and we consider many factors that other developers may not. Here are just a few examples…

  • Custom design for each home, taking into account the aspect, view, privacy, airflow and room placement. We do not have a book of plans that we draw from, instead we completely customise each home to maximise the positive features of that particular parcel of land.
  • Custom engineering for each home, allowing larger open spaces and quality construction. Here’s a little tip… when you go into a home on the upper level, you generally have a little ‘step up’ into the bathroom. Why is that? Because it’s cheaper! Our homes are custom engineered and constructed so the upper level is recessed in the right areas to eliminate this ‘step up’.
  • Finishes that others simply don’t offer. How many new houses do you walk into that have fireplaces or premium quality plantation shutters and security screens?

At Manasons, we believe we can deliver a quality product that our customers can move into and enjoy immediately without doing a thing. While achieving these outcomes, all of our products still offer excellent value for money. We will NEVER opt for ‘cheap and cheerful’.