Until you have one, you will never understand the convenience that goes with a hole in the wall dedicated to transporting laundry.

The first two story house we built had bedrooms upstairs and the laundry downstairs, so we tried the ‘hamper’ approach. This meant clothes went into hampers in everyone’s bedroom then we would search the house before putting on a load of washing. This got frustrating quickly so we did away with the random hampers and agreed to take our clothes directly into the laundry room. Seems like a logical plan right? Wrong! Not only did this result in clothes left on bedroom floors but even worse, laundry was flung over the top floor balustrade and sat in the front entrance until it was picked up and taken into the laundry room on the next trip downstairs. Now imagine the horror if someone had come to the front door and saw our family’s ‘smalls’ in the front foyer – classy right?

For the next house we insisted on a laundry chute. We had to play with the plan a little to get everything lined up, but it really wasn’t that difficult. Then we conveniently opened a little door upstairs, popped our clothes in and ‘poof’ they disappeared, only to be retrieved via a neat little door in the laundry when we were ready to put a load of washing on. How simple, how convenient, how unbelievably uncommon in most houses! Why is it not mandatory for every two story house to have a laundry chute? It should somehow be part of household law! Is it because women do laundry and men build houses? That’s not possible in this modern world! So why is this unbelievably simple solution to a common household chore so uncommon?

Whatever the reasons are, we will never construct another two story house that does not have a laundry chute – you have our word.