When our directors first settled in Brisbane, they were stunned at how challenging it was to find a home with all the qualities they felt were important – so they decided to build their own. The excitement of turning a piece of land into a beautiful home was so addictive, they did it over and over again. Inspired by the love of creating, Manasons was founded so they could share their passion for luxurious quality and intelligent design with you.



Your home is a deeply personal and significant space. It is our privilege to bring it to life through expert craftsmanship and architectural prowess. Our dynamic team thinks of everything: from planning extra features and inclusions at the early design stage, right up to the genuine relationships we have with our home buyers. We can do it all for you—building your brand new home start to finish—so you can simply move in and enjoy, or we can offer advice on investment options and provide development assistance for your own custom project.


Manasons is an end-to-end developer. We source the location, project manage the build, and sell each home we create. We own the entire process, producing project cost savings which we return to you via higher quality materials, finishes and fittings throughout.