This is a message to those of you who are paying for the house. You are the Kings and Queens of the castle and should come first because you will be contributing a significant part of your income to this house. Not your kids, relatives, friends or extended family but you and only you.

When we started building years ago, the first areas that were emphasized were spaces for children, spaces for guests and relatives and spaces for entertaining others. All of these areas are important but they can also place emphasis on everyone except you. Well, we’re here to say that it’s YOUR house and YOU should come first. We’ve completely changed our view over the years and stopped putting everyone else first, despite comments around ‘resale value’ and certain rules that apparently can’t be broken or you’ll never sell your house for the right amount. Turns out, when you build a home which puts the focus on day-to-day living and comfort, others also find it appealing so diminished resale value is not a concern.

Our view is that there are two rooms that are hands down the most important in the house. We’re not going to neglect the others but two stand out from the crowd – the family/kitchen area and the master bedroom. Time and time again we review plans with plenty of bedrooms or huge entries but tiny little kitchens and areas for relaxing retreat.

This is our favourite room; to us, it’s beautiful, functional, convenient and cosy. It is truly deserving of the title: ‘Our happy place’.

my lounge

The second room is the master bedroom. In all our plans, it comes with my two must haves – a spa bath and a fabulous walk in robe. Yes, Carrie Bradshaw would give us her nod of approval. It comes with a glass cabinet for shoes (or anything else you would like to display), a full length mirror and it’s spacious enough to keep tidy.  The spa bath is that place you can go to with a glass of wine to escape the stresses of the day.

my robe

my bathroom